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If you have prepared your immigration application yourself, but want an immigration specialist to take a look before you submit it to UK Visas & Immigration, our immigration advisers can assist. Immigrants who wishes to live in UK for work, study or for turorist here in UK for at least 6months are instructed by the UK Border Agency/Home Office to have in their possesion a stipulated amount of funds which is your BTA ( Basic Traveling Allowance). Before your traveling document is issued to you/your family, you must demonstrate that you have secured funds to take care of your personal needs on arrival here in UK, before you receive your first month salary from your employer.

The Uk Home Office/Border Agency will via this means ensure the UK citizens that only abled skill workers who are finicailly capable are allowed entery into UK. This process of demonstration of the availablity of your BTA is to ensure that you do not consititue or commit any crirnmal activites on your arrival as a result of not having enough funds to carter for your needs incase of any emergency on your arrival here in UK, till you receive your first month salary/other benefits from your employer.

We offer an online application checking package for a number of different immigration applications. Our advisers will provide you with written advice as to whether the application has been completed correctly and whether any information is missing. Further, we will advise on what further evidence may be required to support the application and whether there are any possible reasons for refusal.

Should you require assistance with any of the following applications, please ontact us.

  • Naturalisation - Form AN applications
  • EEA Permanent Residence - EEA(PR) applications
  • Other EEA applications (excl. Surinder Singh cases)
  • Further Leave to Remain - FLR(M) and FLR(AF) applications
  • Visitor visa applications
  • Refugee Family Reunion applications

Please note, this service is not appropriate if you have not prepared the application in advance.

If you seek assistance with completing an application and/or have a number of questions, it is strongly advised that you contact us to arrange a consultation appointment to address your needs.


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